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WELCOME TO Nazar Enterprises !

Strong and durable RCC Compound Walls, Cement Bricks and Paver Tiles that impart greater strength to structures...

An Introduction

In the modern day, construction methods have shifted from conventional methods to more evolved ways of erecting walls and paving floors. One of these would be precast construction material that includes use of pre-molded components such as walls or tiles. To make available such type of products, we, Nazar Enterprises, serve as a Manufacturer in the construction industry. We provide different types of constructional products such as Precast Compound Wall, RCC Precast Compound Wall, RCC Ready Made Concrete Compound Wall, Fly Ash Brick, Concrete Kerb Stone, Cement Tiles and many other products. These are made from excellent quality of raw materials such as cement, sand and stones that impart strength to these products. They can be used to for erecting walls for fencing and pavement of tiles on floors, footpaths or roads. We have several clients in the country who appreciate our products and avail our products regularly in bulk quantities.